Liberate your inner AWESOME!

A life on FIRE! Wake up like you want to, LIVE, for real, everyday! 

I am committed to a paradigm shift of personal wellness in our community. It’s about YOU!

  • Reclaim your health! – you deserve to be pain free, in your perfect body & right mind.
  • Reconnect to your tribe! – sometimes we feel so alone in the trek, but you’re not, we’ve got you.
  • Revitalize your life! – get out of your rut, do something you love, feel good & explore what excites you.

It’s your PERSONAL REVOLUTION! Evolving to YOUR next level is within reach. It’s waiting for you! But you’ve got to get clear, you’ve got to really want it, then you’ve got to do something about it. I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can. Integrating holistic healthy lifestyle practices, therapies and methods that work best for you, make your journey individual.

Live to INSPIRE!

How do you get from A to B? How do you make it happen? Live, one simple thing that you change, changes you. Understanding your wellness blueprint gives you the roadmap. I can help you wipe off those cobwebs, refocus your attention & take those steps in the direction where you want to go. I’ve done it myself and I have helped many others do it too.

We ALL have a story. Maybe you have one that holds you back or possibly one that drives you forward. Most of us have a little bit of both in our story and we’re not quite sure which one we are living day to day. Thankfully, we are not our story, we get to write our stories though! The past does not need to define you and where we go from here is really up to you! The badass beauty within.

Real life, EVERYDAY!

I am a lifestyler. I choose. I want that for you. What does it look like? It’s pretty clear, when you’re pretty clear about what you want. The big stuff is obvious, good health, love, fortune. Being specific is where the rubber meets the road. It means changing habits, those daily habits create your life. It can be challenging to change a lifetime of habits, I mean hey, your use to them by now! But it is true. To get where you want to go, you have to start making some different choices. Most choices in an optimized lifestyle are based on the 90/10 rule. It can be a challenge to live in line 100% of the time unless circumstances or specific goals are your driver. If this is you, 10% grace can be encouraging and eliminate the self-sabotage aspect of change.

Here’s how it works – 90% of the time you are kicking some butt and making it happen, making it your life and those other moments are covered by grace. Grace, 10% of the time there is just no pressure, chasing perfect can be our biggest downfall. This is when it is time to just get real. This is where I am your biggest ally. I help you build the framework, give you guidance and support for the 90%, and also coach you through the 10%. Yep, it may be grace, but it is also the place we stuff our ‘stuff’.

Find the joy in eating~ taste, touch, smell, savor, ritual … in moving~ pain free, fun, lean new skills … in thinking~ creating, exploring, dreaming!

Get to know your mind/body, what is right for you to individualize your optimum health and keep yourself happy, healthy and well with a strong body, clear mind and free spirit!